June 13, 2024

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29 malware apps identified by Symantec and removed Google Play

Google play is now begin infected by malware apps frequently, just a few days ago the Japanese Google Play Store was infected by a spyware app, and today we got information that 29 malware apps identified on Google Play by famous security farm Symantec. Those malware apps were stealing personal information of Android uses. Global […]

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Spyware apps hits Japanese Google Play Store

The Japanese Google Play store became infected by virus. On Friday afternoon McAfee reported A new Trojan in Google Play store (former Android Market) , and removed on the same day. The Trojan was hidden inside a Japanese-language video game application. This app contains scenes of anime or adult Japanese videos. McAfee detected this threat […]

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Amazon and iTunes App Store Makes more money than Google Play

Specifically Amazon’s Android App store generates 3 times more revenue than Google Play. So form here we can say that Amazon app store users spend more money to buy Android apps than Google Play app store. Flurry made a study comparing app developers revenue across Google’s Google Play, Apple’s iTunes App Store, and Amazon’s AppStore. […]

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Google Play Store Gets it’s slot in Google Navigation Bar

Finally Google puts Google Play store link In The Navigation Bar. and it looks like Google is getting serious about Google Play Online Store. Just around 3 weeks ago Google Launched Google Play Store merging android market, Google music, eBooks store and video store. Google added this new Google Play link to it’s toolbar will […]

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Google Play Plans to sell Movies in Digital format

Google play (Former Android Market) currently only offers Movies on rent. You can rent various hit and classic movies on rent. From various sources we were informed that Google is it’s now planning to Sell movies in digital format. This was confirmed by claim of multiple unnamed film-industry sources. They claimed that Google is showing […]

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Study says “More than 50% of Google Play apps may have some sort of security Risks”

From a recent study it has been found that More than half of Google Play apps could pose security risks. Most of the Security Risks are due to heavy usage of ADS IN ANDROID MOBILE APPS. A group of researchers from Carolina State University has studied more than 100,000 Google Play apps and found that […]

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