June 13, 2024

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Google Play Store Gets it’s slot in Google Navigation Bar » Google Play News

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Finally Google puts Google Play store link In The Navigation Bar. and it looks like Google is getting serious about Google Play Online Store. Just around 3 weeks ago Google Launched Google Play Store merging android market, Google music, eBooks store and video store.

Google added this new Google Play link to it’s toolbar will surely improve the traffic of Google play store as The Google users who still doesn’t know about this store will become aware of this new online portal. Google is also flashing this addition with a “new” subscript.

The new Google Play store is open for everyone, and can be used as a cloud store for your music. Google Play can be accessed from android devices or through any Web based browser.

All four Google Play store elements are not offered in all the countries,( See Regional availability of Google Play Store). Google only offers all the services of Google play store to USA.

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