June 16, 2024

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Google Play Store’s PIN Security Hole » Google Play News

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In the entire Android Platform security is a major issue and it seems like Google Play Store PIN contains a serious security hole. Using this security hole anyone can bypass the security PIN and make purchase using your Card.

The Security PIN of Google Play Store is saved locally (in your device) and anyone can delete or clear Security PIN by clearing app’s data under settings. This is a big issue.

There many ways are suggested, but among them the best method is to store PIN access codes on Google’s servers. For this you will need active internet connection to access the PIN. But this is not an issue as you already need Active internet connection for accessing and purchasing content from Google Play.

We are hoping that Google will resolve this PIN security hole issue with Google Play Store for better of Google Play users. Till then Be careful, and take all other security measure to secure your Android Device. One Good way is locking your screen with Password or Pattern, This will revoke access of any third party to your Smartphone/ tablet.