May 28, 2024

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So, like the rest of the human beings, you too believe that you know everything about Google Play. If  you have ever nourished this idea, you are completely mistaken. There are some unknown territories in Google Play that you might have not explored yet. Of course, overtly it is an official entertainment hub from the house of Google, but there is more than what meets the eyes. So, here we are going to explore things about Google play that people are unaware of:

It is for non android users: Though Google Play has been so far heavily marketed as a product for the android users, it is built for the non-android users as well. Its cloud base content management system can be accessed by anyone who has a Google account, which is definitely one of the finest features of Google Play. So, that being said, you can rent a movie, buy a sing or read e-book on your trusted desktop. A wow moment for non-android user.

It Would Not Kill Your Data Plan: The content available in Google Play is usually stored on cloud and that means, books, rented movies, music and other things will be available for offline playback. However, it all depends on the capacity of your device to store cache. The more, the better.

Music Suggestions: The best thing about Google Play is that it will give you personalized suggestion based on things like – what kind of music you usually listen to, what types of music you usually search for etc. Based on this information, Google Play will show you music that you may be interested in buying. A great addition but few people are aware of this service.

Share it in Google +: Google Play as expected is inherently synced with other Google products, more particularly with Google Plus. You can share whatever you feel great from the store of Google Play instantaneously. With a single click, you will be able to share anything you like with your Google plus friend. Does not this sound cool?

 Nothing has changed drastically: If you are new around Google Play, which is itself very odd, you will be happy to know that everything you knew about Android Market still stand true with the new Google Play. The website looks and feels almost the same with some minor changes in the usability and interface. Probably Google did not want to make a huge overhaul in the interface as it might have caused massive confusion among its existing users. Now, if your device happens to run on Android 2.1 and lower, these minor shifts in designing cannot be located.

Experience the power of Cloud: if you are a proud owner of two or three android devices, you would not have to plugin and install whatever you purchase from Google play network. Google will make the purchased products available in all the devices via its Google Play store; certainly a novel addition.

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