June 16, 2024

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Holiday gift guide: Choosing the Right Tablet » Google Play News

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At a time when most of us are finding it difficult to even remember the times before tablets flooded the market scene, gifting the right tablet for your loved ones is perhaps the best holiday gift. Well, tablets are also the best gifts to receive this holiday season, or any season for that matter! Everyone I know (including me!) is just hoping to get a wonderfully stylish and powerful tablet for Christmas. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up on Christmas day to find that Santa or anyone of your friends has decided you needed a tablet very urgently (for being a good girl all through the year!) and gifted you a great tab? It would be wonderful. But if you are one of those good souls who are planning on buying a tab for your friend, then keeping these points in mind will help you choose better.

How to choose the right tablet?

Before heading straight to the nearest tab store, you should remember that there are a number of tablet models with a variety of configurations available in the market. While the availability of these many choices is a good thing, the fact that it manages to confuse even the most strong willed among us cannot be ignored. You should select the right tab for the right person keeping in mind their requirements. With the variety of choices available, you can certainly find the one that fits your bill. With this mind, you should answer these few questions before purchasing the tablet:

How much are you willing to shell out?

Setting a budget before setting out to purchase the tab is always the right way to go ahead. But, sometimes, we find ourselves mulling over different tablet choices. At times like these, it’s better to first look at all the tab models within your price range and then decide. You should compare different models based on their OS, processing speed, storage capacity, size and design, software and finally, warranty period of the tablet.

You should also remember that tablets under the same product line may sometimes have different models and come with different levels of performance. There is another piece of advice for the budget conscious. Before purchasing any tab it’s better to read online reviews so that you get a better and well informed idea about the tablet, its reliability and performance.

Which OS would best suit your friend’s computing needs?

Presently, there are 3 operating systems available: Android, Windows, and iOS. Each OS comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Since you are buying the tab for someone else, you need to first understand their requirements and needs. You should select the right OS based on their needs. If the person you are buying the tab for is an ardent gamer, you can choose iOS. For someone who works exclusively on spreadsheets and creating documents, then choosing a Windows OS would be better. For faster processing speed, an Android OS would serve the purpose.

Is the tab big, small or perfectly right?

The size and shape of a tablet makes a lot of difference to different people. If the tab is too heavy, most of us would find it difficult to carry it around. And this defeats the very purpose of having a tablet. So, you should consider the size, shape, weight and looks of a tablet before buying.

How will your friend use the tab?

Purpose defines the choice. Thinking about your friend’s computing needs will give you an idea on what to look for in tablets. Think whether your friend has a need for camera, extra memory, or flash for better gaming experience. These points will help you choose the right tablet for your friend.

To take advantage of holiday offers and specials!

Even if you are planning to buy the tab online, remember that it’s always a good idea to go to the nearest tab store to get an ‘up-close-and-personal’ look at the tab. This is another great way to take advantage of the store’s holiday offers and specials. While you are at it, you can also keep an eye on other add-ons like a stylish tablet bag or a case to go along with the tab.

There is absolutely no substitute for holding and feeling the tablet in your hands before buying. If the tablet doesn’t feel great in your hands, it probably won’t feel great in your friend’s hands too. Whether you are looking for a tablet that serves as a style statement or looking to give something light and thin to suit your friend’s lifestyle, there are a variety of tablets available in the market. Once you have decided on the right tablet to buy, just go ahead and purchase it. And remember to wrap the tablet in a luxurious gift wrapper!

This is a guest post by Lance Goodman of dishtvoffer.com, a site that offers savings and current information on Dish TV, as well as dish.com services.