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Manage your magazines and news feeds within the Google Play Newsstands app.

Combining together the best elements of Google Play Magazines and Google Currents, Newsstands is your destination when you want to read the latest headlines or manage your magazine subscriptions.

Through the app you can subscribe to thousands of magazines that are currently available through the Play store, as well as download and read the latest issues of your current subscriptions. On the news side of things, users can explore various news sources based on their hobbies and interests and subscribe to the latest feeds of some of the biggest news outlets around the world. If you aren’t always near a secure Wi-Fi connection, no problem, as you can take advantage of the Save to Device feature, meaning you can read the latest headlines on your device no matter where you are. In this tutorial we’ll be exploring the new Google Play Newsstands app and show you where and how to access all of its best features.

1- Side menu

After opening the app, read the guide to managing your subscriptions that you’ll be prompted to look through. Now open up the side menu for the app by pressing on the Newsstands icon in the corner of the app.

2- Add new material

Press the Explore option at the bottom of the menu. Here you can begin searching for magazines and news feeds to subscribe to. You must first choose a category from the various ones listed within the app.

3- News feeds

There are hundreds of news feeds to subscribe to within each category. Simply scroll through the options listed until you find something of interest and press the menu icon underneath the icon to subscribe to it.

4- The latest headlines

When you then open up the news feed you’ve just subscribed to, you’ll be able to see the latest headlines published by them, as well as links to any various social media accounts that the outlet has created.

5- Add RSS feeds

As well as many news outlets, Newsstands also enables users to subscribe to the RSS feeds of some of the most popular webpages. After subscribing to the feed, you’ll be notified of any new content they add.

6- Read Now

Open the side menu once again and select the Read Now option at the top. This option will show you the latest headlines across your subscriptions, as well as quick links to download the articles onto your device.

7- Reading a story

For Google Currents users, you’ll notice immediately the formatting used in Newsstands as it’s near enough the exact same. Text can be customized and images can be enlarged by pressing on them.

8- My Magazines

Through the My Magazines section not only can you manage your current subscriptions, you can also add new magazines to your list. Use the search function or the category system to find a magazine of interest.

9- Share a magazine

If you’ve found a magazine that might be of interest to someone else, then use the Share function to share the details of it. Press the menu icon and then Share to send the details over to someone to follow and download.

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