June 16, 2024

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How to fix your android smartphone » Google Play News

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Is your Android smart phone giving trouble? Here are some quick tricks which may help you get rid of the problems without the headache of getting the phone repaired.

It is recommended that before you get started with any sort of repair attempt, you should save a copy of your data elsewhere to ensure that you do not lose everything if the phone suddenly decides to clear its memory suddenly.


The simplest and most easy way of trying to remedy your problem is by just removing your battery and putting it back. This has a way of magically solving many small technical glitches & this is usually what most repair services do first as well. One thing you should check though is whether your handset does have a detachable battery as you wouldn’t want to be removing something which shouldn’t be removed.


The next thing you could try to fix your problem is to get an update of the OS. Most software updates have certain features that may help fixing bugs that were present in the older versions of the software. These updates also have some new features which may make your android experience a lot better. You can check for new updates in the settings section of your smart phone. Ensure that your android smart phone is fully updated at all times to avoid minor glitches and malfunctions.


The last option and probably the most tedious as well is to restore your android smart phone to its factory setting. This will do a complete wipe of all data on the phone and restore it to the way it was when you first bought it. It is important to ensure you have a data backup before you try this. You can find this option in the setting section as well.

You should try these options before giving up and taking your smart phone to a repairing service.