May 28, 2024

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Is Samsung Galaxy Note coming in 8 inch display? » Google Play News

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There has been a persistent demand from the users to increase the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note. But what should be the exact dimension, that’s the problem. Samsung is planning to release its Galaxy Note with an 8 inch display screen sometimes in March. Samsung has made a deep study about it and it will touch this segment of the market in style as well.

What is so special in 8 inch Samsung Galaxy Note?

Well, Samsung has not yet confirmed the exact specifications of this new model, but there are few good things on the line. This new Samsung Galaxy Note features a 1280 by 800 SLCD display. The device is equipped with 2 GB RAM, along with 16 GB internal storage which can be extended with microSD card slot. The 5 MP camera fitted in it is again something of high class. It will give a good vent to the photographers. This mobile also supports GSM and HSPA networks. You can also make use of the front facing camera endowed in it. The HSPA network is quite a fabulous one and it gives a tough fight to the Nexus 7. With 4300 mAh battery backup, this Galaxy Note can easily hang on for about 8 hours. The unique S Pen found only in the Samsung mobiles is again a fascinating stuff provided in it. This latest release will give a tough fight to Nexus 7 on all corners.

There is also a buzz in the mobile market that this 8 inch Samsung Galaxy Note is released alongside with Samsung Galaxy S4. There is no fixed time been disclosed but it is expected to make a debut in the month of March. Samsung has kept a hood over its price range and we have to wait until any next official announcement. Samsung may make its release of this phone in the Mobile World Congress. So just keep a close look at it.