May 28, 2024

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The Kindle for Android is the official Kindle App for Android phones. It is a great reader and it syncs books and bookmarks with a person’s kindle account. The Kindle Reader is linked to the Kindle storefront and a person can download books that they have already bought or purchase new ones.

The reading comfort on the App is directly dependent on the screen size of the phone. On bigger screens a person can read for longer without discomfort, on smaller screens a person can get uncomfortable quickly. The Kindle reader comes with day and night modes. This feature makes it easy for people to pick the reading light that is most comfortable for them. Although the white mode is quite bright, often reading the using the black background is easier for people. A person will have to adjust with the brightness as well to reach a level that is comfortable for them to read on.

Kindle Reader for Android

The Kindle Reader for Android syncs with a person’s Kindle account and if books are being read when connected to the internet then the pages are synced across devices, which is really convenient for book readers. The Kindle reader comes for Android tablets as well. It has some added features like adjusting margins and spacing.

The kindle reader comes with standard features like adjusting Font sizes and bookmarking. The Kindle reader is great for people who are travelling a lot or have a big screen phone or tablet. The power consumption of the reader depends on the mode one is reading it on.

The Kindle Market has some free books that are great for people who are looking to add books to their library. The Kindle app does require a sign up or entry using the existing Amazon user account when the app is first installed.

The kindle reader is easy to use. Page flips can be done easily by gestures on the screen or using the volume buttons. Depending on the convenience of a person they can adjust these settings.  Reading the books on the white background can be uncomfortable for some people depending on the quality of their screen, however by using the night mode and adjusting the brightness a person can find a level that works well for them.

As with the Kindle reader the Kindle reader for Android does not supports like ePUBS, PDFs etc. This poses some limitations while accessing the wealth of free e publications that are available. Although these files can be converted into a kindle format, it is a cumbersome step necessary to use the Kindle reader App.

The recent updates from the Kindle reader have drawn some flak from the users. There seem to be some phone crashes and books going missing from the phone. These are recent complaints on the new updates and will be fixed soon.  Navigating back and forth on the Kindle store front is a bit problematic and can be frustrating at times. But the varieties of books that are available on the store make this reader a very useful tool to access millions of books.

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Kindle Reader for Android Review