June 16, 2024

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Download: Latest Google Play Store APK v4.3.11 From now Google play is rolling out another update for Google play store app from Google play store v4.3.10 . This updated Google Play Store app v 4.3.11 has introduced combined update notification, new my apps section and several other minor bug fixes and tweaks. Like always you […]

Smart phones need operating systems just like all other computers. There are various operating systems in the market today like android, iOS and windows phone. Our focus is going to be mainly on the android operating system and its app development. Since it is open source based, programmers find customization very cost-effective in this operating […]

Android uTorrent beta arrives on Google Play uTorrent the famous, light weight Desktop Bit torrent client is now up in the Android market and available to the end users for free. uTorrent is designed to use as few resources as possible, and like it’s desktop counterpart, the Android version is also applicable for Android smartphones. […]

Adobe flash Player enters again to Android market Adobe relisted it’s flash player 11 app (for Android 4.0 ICS) to Google play store. Around 3 weeks ago Adobe removed the listing of Flash Player from Google play store, and announced that they will no longer actively support Adobe Flash player for Android. But today the […]

Google Play store app got quick update to v 3.8.15 after last update of Google Play app (Google Play Store apk v3.7.15) to get wish list and Gift card support. integrating wish list and gift card with Google play store will help several people such as those who doesn’t have any credit card, as  well […]