June 16, 2024

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29 malware apps identified by Symantec and removed Google Play » Google Play News

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Google play is now begin infected by malware apps frequently, just a few days ago the Japanese Google Play Store was infected by a spyware app, and today we got information that 29 malware apps identified on Google Play by famous security farm Symantec. Those malware apps were stealing personal information of Android uses.

Symantec identifies 29 malware apps on Google Play

Global security giant Symantec found that 96 applications on the Google Play store were stealing confidential information of Japanese Android users. Out of these 96 infected apps 29 have been removed by Google Play. It cannot be said that Whether Google Play stores in other country are infected by these kind of malicious apps or not.

Symantec has so far identified and confirmed 29apps, for infection. these 29 apps belong to 7 developers with common programming coded. These seven developers might be individuals or belongs to an organization that is committing the crime.

To stay away from these current threats and spyware, malware apps Android users need to be extra cautious while installing apps on their smartphone/tablet. Only install apps from trusted developers and the sources you trust. You must read all the permissions that a particular application is asking for. If it seems like a gaming app asking for your address book permission or a video player asking for messaging then stay out of that app as there is a chance of losing personal details by such apps.