June 13, 2024

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Reasons Why Android Need Not Fear the iPhone 5 » Google Play News

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Android or the iPhone is the heartthrob of today’s youth. These high-technology mobile phones in one’s hand seem nothing out of the blue, but surely give the person a reason for pride. When asked which of the two is better, a person will have a tough time deciding exactly which one to vote for. Let us compare the two devices and decide whether android should fear the iPhone 5 or whether the iPhone 5 remains a mere participant in the battle.


iPhone 5 has better software-hardware interaction.

Apple being the only maker of the iPhone 5 provides good software-hardware communication in contrast to android phones.

Hey, that is a wonderful picture; surely from the iPhone 5 camera!

As uploading of pictures on social networking sites like Facebook.com is a craze in the modern world, everyone wants to capture every moment spent – in bliss or pain. This makes the camera quality of a phone of much worth. In this aspect the iPhone 5 is able to surpass android with its better picture and video quality.

Android phone

That is the biggest screen I have ever seen!

The first thing about an android phone that catches the eye is its bigger screen size. Bigger screen size will obviously allow one to enjoy larger images, play games in a bigger environment, and enjoy videos and movies with a wider range of information available in a single view.

Android Apps – You will never be bored.

Android has a large number of applications which allows one to enjoy simply everything; from cricket to angry birds to even word games; If your vocabulary is weak, it’s time you bought an android phone.

Freedom to select the brand of your phone with better capabilities.

Android phones boast of better features and better abilities than the iPhone in areas like voice control. Additionally, android users have a vast scope of selecting the brand of the phone they would like to have, in contrast to the iPhone 5 where Apple is the only maker.

You are not alone; because android maps are here with you.

The next important factor is navigation. Nowadays a person having an android phone in his pocket has a map on the go. Android has more elaborate maps with better traffic information to guide travelers to their destination.

Surf, text, chat – simultaneously!

The introduction 3G and 4G spectrum, one expects a phone to give better communication and access to the internet. This is one of the major areas where the iPhone 5 loses out. The iPhone 5 is unable to allow simultaneous calling and connecting to the internet.

As the mere counting of the number of points show, the android phones have greater facilities when compared to the iPhone 5. The only complaint an android user can put forward is the overheating and freezing of the phone. But as every good thing ought to have one defect, like the moon which is beautiful despite of having scars, similarly an android user may avoid this one small glitch. Definitely android phones are here to stay and we can conveniently conclude that android need not fear the iPhone 5.

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