May 28, 2024

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Google Play Store is just launched a few days ago by replacing Android Market and some other Google Services like Books, music and eBooks. Google just Combined these services  together and launched as a package in Google Play. What Services are offered in Google Play? The services offered in Google Play are: Google Play App …

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Google play was launched by Google On 7th March offering Android apps, music, movies and eBooks.It may also add audiobooks to it’s inventory list. The signs of adding audiobook was first spotted by Google watchers.It discovered an empty page in the help section of Google Play. It concludes that Google is going to add “Audio …

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Features of Google Play, Today Google Rebranded and merged several services and Google launched Google Play service. Here we will discuss about services offered by Google Play. All the services offered in Google Play is already available online, Google just rebranded those services and put them under a roof of Google Play. Services offered in …

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  Five things you must know about Google Play. Are you an active Android user?Here you will find out some great facts about Google Play.Google has taken another one step forward toward unifying it’s Digital media services.Today Google launched Google Play service Replacing Android market. Google play service combines Apps, Google Music, Books, and Movies …

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Google has recently launched Google Play the new App Store for Android. Now you can get all your entertainment needs in one place, accessible 24 x 7 on the web and across your Android devices. This video introduces you with the services of Google Play Introducing Google Play [Video]