May 28, 2024

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Skyvi can be another option regarding Android’s Siri, a pocket supervisor which responses to your queries helping you discover information and update your social networks.

The most used characteristics which Skyvi consists of are finding locations, obtaining ways, remind when you approach a location, remembrance of activities, sharing humor, opening Facebook and Twitter and also questioning random things. Skyvi recognizes you better than any other comparable applications, particularly directions and alarms. Using the arbitrary queries it’s more difficult and it often fails to understand what a person indicate therefore it is far better to utilize it for the additional functions. Regarding utilizing the application, simply touch on the microphone switch and talk plainly or touch on the choices offered.

The style here is much more topsy-turvy, because it features a menu numerous choices as well as information of how you can utilize the application for. It’s instant in comparison with others and also the directions characteristic is advantageous and performs fairly good.

BlueTornado is the developer for Skyvi, at present this is the only app they have, the useful application that will show you directions as well as help remind you when you are close to locations. With increased choices along with a much better knowledge, it will improve its reputation amongst Android clients.

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