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Google Play is going to be launched in France

Google Play e-book store to launch in France We have already said in our previous post that Google working hard to launch it’s Google Play portal services to more countries, ( See: Google is working on adding Google Play services in more countries), And finally an email sent to publishers partners of Google book search […]

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Shortcuts for Google Music | Google Music Hotkeys Chrome extension

Hotkeys and shortcuts for your Google Chrome Browser This extension Adds some shortcut keys in your Google Chrome browser while listening music in Google Play Music Store. This extension does not allows you to control Google music play even if you are not in that server tab. Adds the ability to quickly pause, play and […]

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How to Download Songs from Google Play Music?

Google Play Music Downloader,Download Songs From Google Music store Google Music (Now a part of Google Play) was launched on 2011. Google Play Music allows users to store their favorite songs to the Google Play cloud. You can access to Google Play music form your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Download Google Play Music APK to […]

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Google is Suffering Android Developers for Payment

No Pay from Google Play for Android Developers Android developers from Europe are suffering for their payments from Google. Android Developer gets 70 present of what Google earns by selling their apps in Google Play store (former Android Market). But after the launch of Google play Something went wrong with Google, and it’s delaying payments […]

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Google Play Store Updated to v3.5.15

Google play Store app Update Google Play Store app is now Updated to v3.5.15, After the launch of Google Play app there was some incompatibility in certain devices. That’s why Google Play app got 3 quick updates within 10 days. This update includes some new features which will make user experience even better. This update […]

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Alternatives of Google Play app store (former Android market)

Google Play Alternatives and Similar Softwares AppBrain: Currently AppBrain is the best alternative of Google Play. It has decent number of apps available. AppBrain works same as Google Play store (Former Android market) and you they have categorized their Apps in various categories. Price Of premium apps in AppBrain is same as Google Play store. […]

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