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Google’s attempt to seize GooglePlay.com using ICANN dispute resolution

Have tried to open GooglePlay.com to open newly launched Google Play services? if yes then you might have noticed that actually Google doesn’t won GooglePlay.com . Google ahve filed an ICANN dispute to get GooglePlay.com at their bag. According to whois report of GooglePlay.com , the domain was registered on may 2011 and currently owned […]

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Google Play Store’s PIN Security Hole

A major Security Whole is detected with Google Play Store PIN In the entire Android Platform security is a major issue and it seems like Google Play Store PIN contains a serious security hole. Using this security hole anyone can bypass the security PIN and make purchase using your Card. The Security PIN of Google […]

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Google Play Logo

Google has just launched Google Play Services by replacing Android market. Here are different logos of Google Play Store. Google Play Logo Google Play App Store Store Logo Google Play Store Logo NB: The logo of Google and Google play are exclusive property of Google Inc.

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Google play Store Updates to 3.4.7 fixing Motorola issue

Google Launched Google Play Store app v3.4.6 just 3 days ago. But there was a bug in the v 3.4.6 for Motorola  Motorola support Issues. As we all know that Motorola is currently owned by Google, so there can’t be an issue left unresolved. That’s why Google Released an update bringing the Play Store to […]

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Regional Availability of Google Play store

Google Play Store is just launched a few days ago by replacing Android Market and some other Google Services like Books, music and eBooks. Google just Combined these services  together and launched as a package in Google Play. What Services are offered in Google Play? The services offered in Google Play are: Google Play App […]

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Google Play May Add Audiobooks

Google play was launched by Google On 7th March offering Android apps, music, movies and eBooks.It may also add audiobooks to it’s inventory list. The signs of adding audiobook was first spotted by Google watchers.It discovered an empty page in the help section of Google Play. It concludes that Google is going to add “Audio […]

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