June 16, 2024

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Lenovo K900: Best Intel Clover Trail+ phone » Google Play News

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Lenovo has come up with a better version of K800 with Intel’s newly launched Clover Trail+ platform. The name of this newly launched mobile is Lenovo K900. For those people who are fond of Intel keynote, Clover Trail+ will take your experience to the next level. This Smartphone will feature all the advanced stuff of Intel Atom processor. Lenovo has lots of expectations from this Smartphone. Lenovo K900 has a good array of features to lure you in.

Lenovo K900 features

  • Lenovo K900 is fitted with 5.5 inch 1080 pixel IPS display.
  • Gorilla Glass 2 will make your phone look much smarter.
  • The 13 MP F1.8 camera comes with dual flash which will give you a memorable multimedia experience.
  • The amazing front facing camera is fitted with a 88 degree super wide viewing angle.
  • 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage give you enough option to work on Lenovo K900.
  • The 6.9 mm thick exterior body and a standard weight makes this phone one of the compatible option in the market.

The outer body of Lenovo K900 is among the best one we have. It is a fusion of magnetic steel and polycarbonate. In order to make it appealing, Lenovo has launched the phone in four different colors. You can check out the exact variants on its web outlet. There is a special Diamond plate model which gives you a pretty attractive gem like appearance.

Price and Availability of Lenovo K900

The price of Lenovo K900 is still under the covers. Lenovo is yet to disclose any details about it. Lenovo K900 will first be launched in China this year. According to the press release, Lenovo K900 will be introduced in the market in April. It will be the first time when “Clover Trail+” platform will be unveiled in the market. This Intel platform has various attractive features on which you can count upon. One can get detailed info about it from Intel’s website.