June 15, 2024

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Velocity Macro launches Edge Mini desktop, Cruz D610 and Q610 tablet » Google Play News

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In the recent release of Velocity Macro in Las Vegas, the company has come forward with its innovative and fascinating release in the form of Edge mini desktop. Lots of companies are critical about whether this new desktop is really the smallest model or not. But, we have to say that observing its surface area of around 4 square inches and 1.5 inch thickness, Edge Mini desktop certainly challenge it to be the smallest PC. “Our goal this year was to blend the enthusiast level and the mainstream, to create a class of products with mass appeal,” said Velocity Micro President and CEO Randy Copeland.

Facts about Edge Mini desktop

Well, Edge Mini desktop is installed with i3 processor. This doesn’t help it to attract the attention of the people in the case of most powerful desktop. It comes with mSata hard drive and the full version of Windows. You can manage lots of applications on it including home theater, home office and digital signage. The base price of buying this new desktop is $499. It is quite competitive and will give a stiff challenge to its counterparts. Our sources tell us that its shipping will start from next week onwards.

Cruz D610 and Q610

Both Cruz D610 and Q610 add a specific flavor in the tablet market. While Cruz D610 runs on dual core processor, on the other hand Q610 is powered by quad core ARM processor. Both these devices have enough features which keep them in the category of powerful tablets. The introductory price of these tablets in the market will be around $200. Apart from these launches at Las Vegas, Velocity Macro has few more ambitious plans. They have shared their views about the upcoming advanced products which can be really helpful in day to day life. You will have to wait until they are released in the mainstream.