March 4, 2024

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A simple guide to optimize your app for Google Play Store » Google Play News

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Apps are everywhere. And they are so many that it can make you go nuts when you are in need of a good app and there are zillions of them available offering almost the same features.  Now, put on the shoes of an app developer and hopefully, you can feel the how tough it is for a developer to make his app popular. But in order to make your app hobnobbing with the targeted audience, you need to make sure that the app has good organic listing in Google Play store otherwise, people will not be able to locate it and all your honest efforts will go in vain. So, do not let this happen with your app. Here are few things you should be doing to make your app a huge hit:

Optimize Your App: Now, you do not need to have 5 years of SEO experience to be able to do the following tasks. These are pretty basic optimization stuffs that you can do it of your own provided the fact that you are awesome by nature:

App Title: It is good to have a main keyword in the app title. Research says it that if you manage to use at least one keyword in the app name, there will be greater chances of coming up within top hundred [though not a major progress but definitely a great spot to begin with].

App Description: This is the area that you should be utilizing. Apart from coming up with something unique and interesting for the targeted audience, you need to make sure that you are blending the targeted keywords within the body content without making the process look too obvious. Just spread the keywords in the content evenly and it will do the trick.

Advertise Your App: Since you app is a new entrant, you need to do something to make people aware of its existence. You can contact blog owners and allow them to download your apps for free and in return, they will post a review of your app for free. By doing such things, you will be able to promote your apps to thousands of visitor apart from the boost your app landing page will be getting in the form of link back from those reviews.

Heavy Promotion: As people make hay while the sun shines, you need to promote your app heavily at the initial stage. You can offer some sort of discounts or give away some cool prizes for using the app and I believe people will be drawn to your website. However, it has some negative consequences if the quality of your app is not that great. If people start uninstalling in bulk, the app may lose some SEO visibility as Google Play treats de-install as negative signal. So, you need to be aware of this before you make any kind of progress on this front.

Ratings: Without a shred of doubt, ratings have a direct impact on the rankings. Though the rating signals can easily be tampered, it is still considered to be one of the major contributing factors to better visibility in Google Play Store.  You need to channelize your effort to get some good rating from real users so that it projects positive signals about the app.

Number of Download and Uninstall: Each download is considered to be an up vote whereas each uninstall is considered to be a negative signal and for that reason, you have to remain alert that people are not de-installing the app in mass because it would have adverse impact on the visibility of the app in Google Play.

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