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In September 2012, Twitter came out with a new version of its Android app. While the operating system is known for its versatility, it does suffer from the issue of fragmentation. And just like many apps out there, Twitter too fell into this hole.

The resulting changes that took place on Android devices varied and larger gadget users had to suffer improper positioning of elements and loss of quality with images. This was version 3.4 of Twitter on Android, and it had got off to a bitter start. Android phone users may not have faced any issues, but things began to go haywire on tablets.

Starting up…

As soon as you click on the official Twitter app on your Android device, the Home Screen opens up along with last tweet you viewed. Touching the Home tab will take you to the top. Tapping on an individual tweet opens up a new screen. From here, you can reply, retweet, favorite or share the tweet. Sometimes, you can even view thumbnail images of the content.

The Connect Tab…

This shows all your interactions between your Twitter followers and friends. Mentions, retweets and new followers come up here, so it works like a notifications centre. The usage of tabs on Twitter comes as a good change, and makes it easier for first time users to grasp what’s going on.

Discovering just got easier…

If you’re an active Twitter user, then this section will be great to check out. Here you can keep a tab on relevant stories, trending hash tags, find friends, follower suggestions and lots more. It basically keeps you in the loop as to what’s happening on the social network.

Your Twitter profile…

The last tab contains all your profile information and Twitter even learns something from Facebook, with its “Headline Photos”. Pictures from your recent tweets are also brought up, thus giving your Twitter profile a more creative feel. Direct Messages can also be viewed from this section along with managing your lists and favorites.

Easy tweeting…

The Compose button never leaves the Android app and this makes tweeting a whole lot easier. The Autocomplete feature makes tagging friends a simpler prospect and adding location stamps and photos is a breeze, as well.

Photo editing…

This should be seen as Twitter’s way of attracting more tweeters to use its own native app. The addition of photo editing tools allows you to brush up your pictures before sharing them. While this is no Instagram, scaling and cropping is quite easy. The auto-enhance button does a decent job to imbalanced pictures. You can play around with the eight photo filters, but personally speaking I’d prefer editing my photographs in a different app.

Twitter for Android still has a long way to go. The clean, smart interface gets a big thumbs-up, but the lack of a scheduled tweets option is still a downer. Multiple Twitter account users will still have to use services such as TweetDeck and Seesmic to handle everything from tweeting to replying.

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Twitter Android App Review

Originally posted 2015-12-26 07:19:13.